Success Stories

Sofco has already achieved some successes in the past, of which we are of course very proud.

Municipality of Roermond won the Web Award best government website 2004 together with Sofco

One of the greatest successes for Sofco was designing a website for the municipality of Roermond. In 2004 it was unanimously chosen by a public panel of 2000 people as the best government website in the Netherlands. For the achievement of this result, the then Minister Tom de Graaf handed over a check for no less than € 10,000 to the municipality of Roermond. Since then, the municipality of Roermond has regularly used our services.

Gemeente Roermond

Gemeente Roermond

As a municipality of Roermond, how do you inform MPs just before they have to make an important decision about municipal reorganization? Answer: With a visual approach. Together with Sofco we made a flash presentation within a few weeks, with which we could explain all our arguments. The presentation was put on USB sticks by Sofco, so that we had an original and attractive way to reach the members of parliament. The information is offered to all members of parliament. Partly as a result of this approach, we have succeeded in reiterating the position of the municipality of Roermond in the subsequent personal discussions with the various political groups.

Why did we choose Sofco? We worked together with Maurice van Kessel in 2003 on setting up a new layout for With this website we won the public award of the Webwijzer Award for government websites in that year. We therefore knew that Maurice would be well able to provide this presentation for us in the short term.

R. Schoemakers
Municipality of Roermond